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Projects and benefits
  • What is Sunrise Wind?
    Sunrise Wind is our second utility-scale offshore wind project in New York. This approximately 924MW offshore wind farm will have the capacity to power nearly 600,000 homes in New York.
  • Who is Sunrise Wind?
    Sunrise Wind is bringing unparalleled experience in developing offshore wind to New York. This is a 50/50 partnership between Ørsted – the global leader in offshore wind – and Eversource, a national energy leader with homegrown expertise in regional energy transmission, including more than 100 years of experience delivering power to the region.
  • What will Sunrise Wind provide in terms of jobs and economic benefits to New York?

    Sunrise Wind will support Governor Hochul’s goal of establishing an enduring offshore wind supply chain while incentivizing and encouraging economic growth in New York State.

    In total, Sunrise Wind will invest more than $400 million in New York in accordance with our Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Credit agreement with the state. As part of this agreement, we are committed to working with minority- and women-owned businesses to ensure that the developing offshore wind supply chain is inclusive and diverse.

    Sunrise Wind is estimated to generate up to 800 direct jobs through the project’s construction and initial operation. Thousands of other indirect and induced jobs will be created to support project work – ranging from companies that will monitor wildlife and the seabed around the project to boosting local businesses who provide goods and services within the vicinity of the ports in which we will operate.

    One of our biggest commitments to Long Island will be making the Port Jefferson area the home of our Operations and Maintenance Headquarters, a strategic investment that will serve our entire national portfolio of offshore wind projects and will support approximately 100 permanent, full-time jobs over the 25-year life of our projects as well as shorter-term construction jobs.

    Additionally, Sunrise Wind has committed $10 million in seed funding to create a National Offshore Wind Training Center in Brentwood, located in Suffolk County. Together with partners from labor, academia, and the environmental community, the Center will feature facilities and programming that aim to cement Suffolk County’s role as an integral part of the offshore wind industry. Suffolk County Community College will serve as the academic arm of this initiative.

    Sunrise Wind has committed to constructing Advanced Foundation Components in the New York Capital Region and to funding the Upper Hudson Valley Workforce Development Fund, which will ensure residents throughout the region have access to the training needed to succeed in the offshore wind industry.

    Sunrise Wind is entering negotiations with New York State contractors and trade labor organizations on a Project Labor Agreement to cover construction activities for the onshore portions of the project and committed to paying prevailing wages. Offshore work will be built in accordance with the National Offshore Wind Agreement (NOWA) that has been negotiated and signed by North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU).

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  • What is the impact to ratepayers?
    Sunrise Wind was awarded together with the Empire Wind 1 project through NYSERDA’s first offshore wind solicitation. The cost of the projects will be shared by ratepayers statewide. According to NYSERDA, the bill impact for the average residential customer will be less than a dollar per month for both projects combined.
Community impact
  • Where will it be built, and will it negatively impact New York's beaches?

    The Sunrise Wind project will be built at least 30 miles east of Long Island’s Montauk Point, virtually unnoticeable for Long Island beachgoers and residents. What do we mean when we say that? It’s unlikely that anyone standing on any of Long Island’s beaches will ever see one of our turbines.

    The offshore power export cable will come ashore at Smith Point County Park in the Town of Brookhaven, NY. All components which cross the beach will be installed deep underground, using trenchless construction methods to avoid impacts to the beach. Overall disturbances will be limited to the temporary use of equipment during installation of the project. The only permanent aboveground components of the project will consist of a new converter station and expansion of an existing substation in Holbrook, NY, each located approximately 18 miles inland from the cable landing location.

  • What will you do the protect the interests of fisherman and the fishing industry?
    Eversource and Ørsted share a core commitment to the communities we serve. Our site is located in an area that has limited commercial fishing activity, which is part of the reason why we believe it is the best offshore wind site for New York. Ørsted also has both a marine biologist and a fisheries liaison on staff, who will continue to work with stakeholders to gain critical input relating to marine life in New York waters to support strategies that further the coexistence of fisheries and offshore wind.
  • Will Sunrise Wind work with local communities and elected officials who have concerns about this project?
    The Sunrise Wind project was carefully planned to help achieve Governor Hochul’s nation-leading offshore wind and renewable energy goals, and to do so with the highest possible levels of public support. For that reason, we are committed to being a community partner that is respectful of the needs and interests of the communities in which we operate.

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