Three offshore wind turbines

Sunrise Wind

Clean, renewable energy to nearly 600,000 homes

Building an industry

New Yorkers are building an equitable offshore wind energy industry, in partnership with Ørsted and Eversource. With a supply chain that spans the state, we’re revitalizing ports and industries, and creating good paying, accessible union jobs from Long Island to New York City to the Capital Region and beyond.

What does it take to build an equitable clean energy industry?

How to build an offshore wind farm

What exactly goes in to constructing an offshore wind farm – and how does power get transported to shore? From site investigations to installation of components at sea, we aim to keep our impact on the surrounding ecosystem to an absolute minimum.

Marine boat at an offshore wind farm
Weekly MARINE Briefings

Keep Mariners informed 

The ocean is a crucial resource shared by many industries. Ørsted aims to create an ecosystem in which offshore wind and fishing can both thrive

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Sunrise Wind is a 50/50 partnership between Ørsted – the global leader in offshore wind – and Eversource, a national energy leader with homegrown expertise in regional energy transmission, including more than 100 years of experience delivering power to the region.


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